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I am a third year sports journalism student at the University of Central Lancashire, with a year of studying abroad at Central Connecticut State University also under my belt.

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Lappi explains frightening México crash and fire – DirtFish

Gus Greensmith, next on the road, provided his fire extinguisher to help Lappi tackle the flames after he exhausted his own.

“Actually in the beginning there was nothing,” Lappi said of the fire.

“So we jumped out, we pressed OK then I pressed that the road is blocked, but I think after half a minute or one minute it started to burn from the engine bay.

“I finished my extinguisher and also tried the car system but nothing helped.

“Luckily I got the extinguisher from Gus which then helped, I

How one TT rider overcame his terrifying crash – UCLan Live

Isle of Man TT rider Sam West has shared details of just how frightening his high speed crash was during last year’s event.

West suffered a high side going through the Laurel Bank section of the course which saw his bike catch fire on just the second night of the TT.

He was airlifted to hospital after suffering injuries to his hand and leg, but was initially shocked at how the crash had happened.

“It caught me out as a bit of a surprise to be honest as I wasn’t expecting it, I certainly didn’

Drivers feel Sweden stages are too straight – DirtFish

A number of leading World Rally Championship drivers have expressed their frustration towards the selected stages for this year’s Rally Sweden which they feel aren’t interesting enough.

Sweden moved north from Karlstad to Umeå for 2022 in a bid to guarantee more snow, but there were some complaints made regarding the nature of the route with drivers calling for more technical stages.

This year’s rally features a revised route including several new stages but drivers feel that the rally has ins

The search for Asia–Pacific's next rally star – DirtFish

Max Smart took the spoils during FIA Rally Star’s visit to Africa at the end of May, but now all eyes are set on who will be selected next as the program heads to the Asia-Pacific region. 50 participants will compete in the three-day event, based at the Madras International Circuit in Chennai, India. The entrants have had to wait a little longer for their chance to prove their talent, with the event taking place just under a month after its original date, which was postponed due to the monsoon s

Sprint races might not be the answer to MotoGP's problems

It’s the first major shake-up to the MotoGP format in years, sprint races are coming to the premier class of motorcycle racing for 2023.

But unlike F1’s recent test of the format, MotoGP will be holding a sprint race at every event on the calendar, not just select ones.

And at a time where viewership numbers and fan attendances are dropping, this is a good way of re-promoting a sport which offers a great spectacle of racing.

Yet, like MotoGP’s other current problems, this solution also brings

The TT debutant destined for future success

It takes an alien-like amount of grit and determination to contest the Isle of Man TT, at any speed. But to set the all-time fastest newcomer record and come close to the 130mph barrier in just your first few sessions? That’s not likely, right?

Glenn Irwin has done just that.

The Honda rider will have been itching to set foot on the Snaefell Mountain course after waiting three years to do so since COVID-19 forced the cancellation of the 2020 and 2021 events. The former being the year Irwin was

How The COVID-19 Shutdown Impacted CCSU Athletes’ Mental Health

Sitting in the student center at Central Connecticut State, football player Dexter Lawson Jr. recalled the impact the COVID-19 shutdown had on his mental health when he could not play the sport he loved for almost a year.

“It definitely had an effect on my mental health because I use football as my scapegoat to get away from whatever I’m going through mentally,” Lawson said. “So not being able to get away just go play football was frustrating and forced me to kind of figure out other outlets an

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